Whether you are sailing on a small boat or a large commercial boat, there are incredible destinations around the world that offer sunset views, calm waters, and amazing docking points. There are certain qualities that need to be true about luxurious sailing destinations. First, the best destinations are not too remote; they offer passengers the opportunity to stop and refill their supply of tasty foods and beverages. Secondly, this region should be easy to navigate so that you are not at risk of getting lost on the route. Thirdly, your destination of choice should be familiar with sailors so that there are experts who can be of assistance if a problem arises. Here are my top four luxurious destinations for sailors…

1.  The Greek Islands

Each year, hundreds of boats sail through the Aegean Sea. With a rugged shoreline and quaint coastal towns, this sailing trip offers jaw-dropping views! Since this destination is so whimsical, there are certain regions that can only be accessed with smaller boats. From dim-coves to crowded beaches, quiet towns to wave-filled waters, sailing around Greece should surely be on the top of your bucket list. Many sailors explore the Peloponnese coast and the Gulf of Corinth. 

2. The British Virgin Islands

If you are looking for smooth waters, strong cocktails, and sunny days, take your sailboat down to the British Virgin Islands. Technically, there are forty islands in this region that are waiting to be explored by adventurers. Many people charter large sailboats through these islands, winding through beautiful crystal waters. Due to the relaxed nature of the ocean in this region, sailing trips are typically smooth for both sailors and passengers.

3. Tahiti

If you are looking for an area that is remote but still upscale, embark on a sailing trip to Tahiti. It’s important to have a mainsail that is built to last on a trip like this. There are many custom designed cruising mainsails that can get you through your adventure. There are many stopping points around this island that are hard to access by foot but easy to access by boat. The island is also remote, and it is relatively quiet. Adventurers who travel to Tahiti describe it to be a trip of a lifetime. 

4. Australia

If you want to pair your sailing trip with other adventures, consider traveling to Australia. For a portion of your vacation, you can navigate open waters around the continent. Sailors in this country have to prepare in advance to ensure that proper weather is in the forecast. You can expect to travel at a rapid speed due to the fast winds and open waters. During your off time, take the time to snorkel and explore the natural reefs.


Sailors have specific qualities that they look for in their vacations. Luckily, there are MANY amazing lakes and oceans across the globe that offer absolutely immaculate views and opportunities to these enthusiasts. When you invest in the proper sailing gear, you will be prepared to navigate the waters in some of the most sought-after destinations across the globe.


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