Did you know that the color terracotta promotes peace and tranquility? Add this warm, lively shade to your wardrobe, makeup & even home decor game to promote rest and harmony!

Easy to wear and easy to style, try pairing your terracotta pieces with white or cream, and liven the look even more by adding a few gold accents.

One of the things I love about the color terracotta so much is the way it adds a bit of polish to both casual and dressy pieces! By the way, for more casual looks, try pairing your terracotta faves with other neutral colors like tan and beige for example. This pairing creates a very soft, pretty look.

Aside from being super trendy this season, terracotta is an extremely flattering color to incorporate into your beauty routine. Soft, pretty, natural-looking, terracotta shades, enhance natural beauty without being overwhelming or over-the-top.

Personally, I love incorporating terracotta into my home decor. This shade truly is very calming and relaxing, in fact, I find it has a certain “on vacation” vibe I particularly admire. There is a certain kind of ease and nonchalant chic about terracotta bedding or a few carefully placed pillows, don’t you agree?

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