Chopin Festival

Every Sunday throughout August, Valldemossa honours Chopin and his famous stay in the Monastery. International musicians perform stunning piano recitals of his work, in wonderful, ambient evening concerts.

Sunday Market

Between 9am – 3pm every Sunday, fruit, vegetables, textiles, crafts, gifts, plants and flowers are on sale at the Valldemossa Market, attracting visitors from all over the island.

Festes de la Beata

Mallorca’s beloved Saint Catalina Thomàs is honoured on the 28th July each year. This fiesta is the most treasured festival for residents as she was born in the town in 1533. People from all over flock to the streets to watch the ‘Procession of the Beateta’, take part in parades around the statue of the Saint, sing traditional songs such as ‘Sor Tomasseta’, and dance Mallorcan Boleros, while children travel through the streets on floats, throwing out sweets and confetti to the crowds.

Festes de Sant Bartomeu

The second most important fiesta of the town is that of Sant Bartomeu, the patron saint of Valldemossa. Concerts and sporting events take place in the town, including performances in the cloisters of the Real Cartuja.

Artdemossa Fair

Each July, Valldemossa’s streets and squares are filled with local musicians, artists, artisans, poets, photographers, and gastronomical delights, as Valldemossa celebrates its artistic and cultural heritage.


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